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Vito’s first time to walk and run around in a nice park was at Ayala Triangle in Makati CBD. It’s about time Manila had a nice park within the city; this metropolis is more like mall town than anything! We spent a nice late afternoon with Vito, his De Luna grandparents, and yaya. Vito wouldn’t stop running around–at 15 months, he is already starting to run! (He walked at 13 months.)

Enjoy Vito’s afternoon delight. 🙂


I went to Anvaya Cove, far away from home, with Daddy, Mommy, and the whole family of Lolo Pap and Lola Ma (De Luna). We all rode a big bus, and I got to ride in my car seat. But of course, I didn’t stay in it for long because I easily get bored. During the trip, I couldn’t wait to get off that crampy bus!

When we got off the bus, a golf cart took us around.

I heard we were going to see a place called the beach. When I saw it, with all the waves and the big, cloudy sky above, I shrieked; I was so happy to swim in that strange, humongous swimming pool in the sea!

Mommy and me (and Daddy taking the pic) at the Anvaya Cove beach. It was cloudy, but we went swimming anyway.

I went swimming for the first time in a real swimming pool! It was so much bigger than the one I have in Lola’s house, and you didn’t have to blow air into it. Instead, Mommy took me to a pool that had big bubbles in it! A jacuzzi, she called it.

Daddy, me and Mommy in the big jacuzzi pool! So many bubbles!

Here are some more pictures of me loving the swimming in Anvaya Cove!

Mommy and me in the swimming pool, when the sun came out!

Me and Daddy

Here's me on my deck chair by the pool after swimming.

April 11, at 5 months and 3 days: Tummy time on the ottoman at Starbucks. Note his little latte. Hehe.

At Pancake House, Katipunan, after fixing up Ninong Kiddo and Tita Amy's flat (April 9, at 5 months and 1 day)

April 15, Lolo & Lola's 32nd anniversary dinner at Choi Garden (5 months and 6 days old)

So many restaurant gimmicks for Vito this month! Given that he loves to explore and take in his surroundings, we’ve been taking him out more and more these days. Since we’re assured he’s got antibodies from Mommy’s milk, we’ve become more confident about taking him outdoors. He loves being out of the house — gala talaga ang bata na ‘to!

Vito went with Lolo, Lola and Mommy to bring wedding gifts to Ninong Kiddo and Tita Amy’s new home. He napped a bit on the bed while Lolo, Lola and Mommy fixed and cleaned up the apartment. Then, we moved on to Pancake House for a much-deserved snack and coffee break. Vito also did his part to keep the guests of the restaurant entertained!


During the Holy Week holiday, it was Vito’s (and my) first time to go to the De Luna home in Liliw, Laguna. Vito enjoyed the car ride very much! He was a bit cranky upon arriving as he didn’t get much sleep during the trip. However, that didn’t stop us from getting some decent and very cute pics!

Vito’s pedia recommended that we keep a steady schedule of outdoor and indoor activities for Vito. Each morning he goes on a stroll with Daddy out in the garden so that he can look at the sky, the trees, the birds. In the afternoons, Mommy tries to take him out to the park if she has time after work. Since he turned four months old, he’s been more alert, more aware of the world around him. Thus, it’s been more fun to take him out and about town.

Vito, Daddy and Mommy at McKinley Hill Piazza, March 28, 2010.

He loves car rides, and grunts in protest when he’s not able to stare out the car window, so we make sure he’s positioned safely and able to enjoy the view. (Apparently he loves to watch the cars zooming along.) His other activities have included trips to restaurants and non-crowded shopping districts like Bonifacio High Street or McKinley Hill. He’s been more easy to manage lately on trips since he’s able to go through longer “awake” periods and more spaced-out feeding schedules (He is still fully breastfed).

At Ninong Kiddo and Tito Amy's wedding, March 26, 2010, where we met a new friend. (Hmm, he looks familiar...)

Once he gets started eating solids it’ll be easier to take him around. However, we enjoy the extra work involved in caring for him as long as Vito enjoys himself.

How old is Vito?


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