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Vito’s first time to walk and run around in a nice park was at Ayala Triangle in Makati CBD. It’s about time Manila had a nice park within the city; this metropolis is more like mall town than anything! We spent a nice late afternoon with Vito, his De Luna grandparents, and yaya. Vito wouldn’t stop running around–at 15 months, he is already starting to run! (He walked at 13 months.)

Enjoy Vito’s afternoon delight. 🙂

  • Foods: Now eating a variety of foods. He especially likes Mommy’s homemade baby food, like pureed potatoes, pechay and fish, or pureed zucchini, broccoli and turkey breast. He loves fruit and yogurt.
  • Words: Vito’s vocabulary has definitely increased this past month. Some of his words are: “Mama” (mommy), “Dada” (daddy), “kuh” (car), “kah” (cat), “te-te” (Tracey), “bap-um” (“blow” or “birthday”), “guh” (tiger), to name a few. He knows the words “Lolo,” “Lola,” “Lola Ma” and “Lolo Pap,” and looks to each grandparent according to name, but he cannot say these words yet.
  • Gross motor: His signature crawl is hilarious. He always looks as if he’s about to get up on both feet and stand. He can push himself up to a standing position, most recently by gripping the seat of our dining chairs and pushing himself up.
  • Fine motor: Vito likes to grip things using two fingers, like his pacifier. He can also firmly grip several of his toys, in particular his cow toy, which is rather bulky.

"What are you looking at, buster?"

Because it is my ninth month (and I celebrated my birthday last August 8), I thought I’d share nine things about me:

1. I am starting (trying) to crawl, but I’m taking my time. I like to push my body up with my arms a lot, but I seem to go backward instead of forward.

2. I want to stand up all the time, like real badly.

3. I can (sometimes) push myself up from lying on my tummy to a sitting position.

4. I have five (yes, 5!) teeth. My mom brushes them after I eat.

5. I like to wave at girls.

6. I have had so many haircuts by Lola, I can’t keep count anymore.

7. I am an average sleeper at night. I can sleep straight, sometimes for 10 hours.

8. I still like to watch Alicia Keys singing “Empire State of Mind,” especially if I’m in a bad mood.

9. I hate having my face cleaned, especially when Mommy and Daddy try to wipe my nose clean from snot.

Hello, everyone.

My. It has been a long time since I last told you about what I’ve been up to. My mommy has been so busy taking care of me and doing her new work at home that she has not been able to write on this blog for me. But she knows everything that I have been doing. Here are some of those things:

1. I had my pneumonia shot just a few days before my 8 month birthday.

2. I can now say “Da-da” and “Ma-ma-ma-ma”, and soon, I will find out what these funny sounds mean. I say them a lot.

3. I am trying to crawl. I push myself up with my arms and try to put my chunky legs forward, but I seem to keep moving backward. Oh well. My visiting Lola Ochie says it’s still early for crawling.

4. I have four teeth. The ones on top just started to come up. I bit Mommy twice already while drinking milk, but she always forgives me.

5. I attended my first children’s party when Kuya Markus turned two years old on July 10.

6. I got a cold after the party, because Dr. Neri said that babies like me usually get colds after a children’s party.

7. I received some new toys from my titos and titas who came from Canada to visit.

8. I can eat fish now. I like it a lot! My mom is thinking if she will just make me eat fish, veggies, fruits and eggs instead of giving me meat. I don’t think I mind. She says it is healthier.

Tomorrow, I will be going out of town with my daddy’s side of the family. It will be the first time I will see the beach, swim in a real swimming pool, and ride a big bus. I will tell you all about what I did when I get back. Thank you.

Hello, everyone.

Today, I am six months and 12 days old!

Here’s a picture of me in my little swimming pool at Lolo and Lola’s house. It’s one of my favorite places to be in, and I complain whenever I’m taken out of my happy place. Anyway, I just wanted to update you all on what I’ve been up to lately.

Things have been happening really fast, and I hear my Mommy and Daddy saying that it’s only going to be a matter of time before I start crawling around and then running about. I sure hope so, but I hear Mommy and Daddy often say they want to keep me small, just the way I am now. But I’m so impatient to move about! I can’t seem to stop! I wriggle whenever I’m put in my glider seat, I wriggle when I’m eating my cereal or fruit, I wriggle whenever I’m in the bath seat or when I’m on my diaper pad. Wriggling seems to me a lot of fun, especially when I see my Mommy and Daddy struggling to keep me still so they can keep food from spilling down my body or my diaper from flying off when I kick my legs around. Haha!

I have also begun to shout often. I’m really noisy. In fact, I am so noisy and loud, sometimes I choke on my own saliva because I forget to swallow! I think it’s because I like hearing my voice so much. I love to let out long, loud shrieks when I’m happy, and I can also get pretty noisy when I’m annoyed, feeling hot, or needing to go potty. (I make grunting sounds when it’s “stinky” time too, because it helps me get the bad stuff out. Hehe.)

I am reaching for things more now, and I love to grab for things like Mommy’s hair, Daddy’s skin. Daddy says I “scorpioned” him once, whatever that means. All I know is that I like the way things feel, and when I touch things, sometimes I can bring them closer to me, close enough for me to put into my mouth! I like grabbing for my caterpillar toy and my teethers, which I shove into my mouth at any chance I get.

Well, there you go. I have been very busy. Today, a Thursday, I’m on my usual mid-week, all-day visit to Lola’s house while Mommy does some office work and Daddy gets some rest. I keep them very busy, and they need some time out sometimes to get recharged. Meanwhile, I’ll be at Lola’s house, going swimming, eating my pureed pears, being walked around the garden by yaya, and then napping. It’s a good thing Mommy is able to pump out a lot of milk for me, because I miss her a lot when she is away. I look forward to going home, cuddling with her, and drinking her milk.

Well, I ought to go. It’s time for me to stop watching Lola’s pet cat and get some other sort of entertainment. I will see you around!

Vito’s six months, and he has been exclusively breastfeeding since birth. He had his first taste of water a few days ago, and today, he had his first serving of rice cereal! He downed everything effortlessly, and with little grunts of satisfaction.

Because we’re big on eating organic as much possible, it made sense for us to go the same avenue with Vito. He’s been feed Mommy’s milk from day one, and Mommy eats organic as much as she can! No point in letting the goodness stop by offering him baby food that’s gone through processing. It’s a good thing lots of organic baby cereals are now in the market, and organic fruits and veggies are readily at hand in markets.

Let the photos tell you how yummy he found his first meal:

Mixing the cereal with breastmilk.

Vito's first serving of cereal.

With Mommy and Daddy at the dinner table.

Whew. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks for the mommy and daddy. It’s been a period of developmental milestones for Vito too, and here’s a rundown of what he’s been up to in his last few weeks of his five-month mark:

1. He can stay on his tummy for tummy time for a good half hour! (Good for strong neck and back!)

2. He takes notice of his hand gestures and movements, such as “close-open” repetitions, wiggling his fingers, and tapping his hand on the table. He also recently discovered the joy of splashing water with his hands while he’s in his kiddie swimming pool!

3. He loves to be worn by Mommy or Daddy in the sling. Slinging babies is better for their development than keeping them in strollers as they are able to see the world at mom’s or dad’s perspective. Vito prefers this rather than seeing the knees and legs on people, hehehe! Attachment parenting deems babywearing as better for babies’ spinal development, cognitive development and eyesight!

4. He can put his feet to his mouth and nibble on his toes. Enough said for cuteness.

5. He had his first taste of water. (Dr Wilkins distilled and sterilized water is best for babies)

6. He knows that “Vito” is his name when called.

7. He had his second haircut, care of Lola. And stayed asleep through most of it.

8. He has outgrown three pairs of shoes, and currently only fits into his Florsheim pre-walkers. So Daddy got him some Havianas. Hehe.

All this and so much more, we can’t even remember. We just know that Vito is our favorite topic everyday, and never cease to be amazed at his accomplishments.

Vito had his second dose of the oral Rotavirus vaccine, which will help him against viral infections of the digestive system. During the check-up, he smiled and cooed at the good doctor, and was so fidgety. He kept grabbing things on the examination table.

Here are Vito’s stats today:

Age: 5 months and 3 weeks (His birthday is on the 8th!)

Crown: 45 cm

Head to toe length: 70

Weight: 7.7 kilos

Constitution: Vito experienced no colds, and was protected from the rampant viral diseases that have been going around this summer season.

Development: He’s been turning over and over, like a pancake, heehee. He is beginning to look at his hands whenever he grips something, and is already doing the proverbial “open-close” motion with both his hands. He likes to watch his hands whenever he does “open-close.” Yesterday, Mommy had the misfortune of watching him fall from the bed 😦 But he’s OK: no bumps, bruises or any side effects from the fall (We cuddled for a while after that scare! Thank the Lord for His angels!).

With so many different opinions on how to raise a child, it can get confusing for us as Vito’s parents to make clear decisions about them. However, since I am a firm believer in Vito, young as he is, I go with the flow and respond to his wants and needs in the way I see fit. While some may not agree with my views (i.e. attachment parenting, continuum method, exclusive breastfeeding, delaying solids, etc), I stand on my beliefs and philosophy about raising my son. Of course, many of these theories might go against popular old wives tales and doings of generations past. Still, I choose to follow what we as parents believe is right.

I am learning to take the good advice I’m given. Still, I discern what or what not to follow based on my personal beliefs. I may follow head-on or I may not; what matters is that, as a mom, I am making choices for my child. We’re fortunate that his pediatrician is a breastfeeding advocate, and has been praising us for keeping Vito well-fed. As a result, he’s healthier than ever, strong and bright-eyed, and always active. By delaying certain things like solids, water and formula, we’ve seen that Vito has reached many developmental milestones in the natural course of time.

And so goes the journey that is parenthood. It’s not easy, it’s full of bumps, it’s paved with many choices. What matters most is that Vito’s priorities are met, his trust in me and his dad is strengthened and our bond as a family is reinforced through love. In the end, that’s all that matters.

Vito right after he turned over from lying down! (Taken around 8:30 AM, April 7, 2010)

Yehey! We have a little pancake!

Just one day short of the five-month-old mark, and Vito has turned over on his own! He did the feat twice this morning. We had been noticing him turning on his side the past few weeks, sometimes to the point of twisting his body the whole way round. He’ll usually start from a lying down position and turn his torso towards the right. He’d been trying this out for days until finally TODAY, he managed to flip from lying down to his tummy!

How old is Vito?


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