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  • Foods: Now eating a variety of foods. He especially likes Mommy’s homemade baby food, like pureed potatoes, pechay and fish, or pureed zucchini, broccoli and turkey breast. He loves fruit and yogurt.
  • Words: Vito’s vocabulary has definitely increased this past month.┬áSome of his words are: “Mama” (mommy), “Dada” (daddy), “kuh” (car), “kah” (cat), “te-te” (Tracey), “bap-um” (“blow” or “birthday”), “guh” (tiger), to name a few. He knows the words “Lolo,” “Lola,” “Lola Ma” and “Lolo Pap,” and looks to each grandparent according to name, but he cannot say these words yet.
  • Gross motor: His signature crawl is hilarious. He always looks as if he’s about to get up on both feet and stand. He can push himself up to a standing position, most recently by gripping the seat of our dining chairs and pushing himself up.
  • Fine motor: Vito likes to grip things using two fingers, like his pacifier. He can also firmly grip several of his toys, in particular his cow toy, which is rather bulky.

Vito had his first taste of fruit today: an introductory meal of applesauce! I wasn’t able to get pictures, but he enjoyed it, one messy spoonful at a time.

Vito's first fruit: Earth's Best Organic "First Apples"

I bought some organic baby food from Healthy Options last week, which I thought would be a good call given that apples are super healthy but also because apples are among the top foods with the highest pesticide levels. Since reading up on the hazards of pesticides, especially for babies and breastfeeding moms, I’ve come to the conclusion that it pays to go organic, at least for the foods that are on the red eye for harsh chemical content.

Fortunately, there will be many foods that Vito can still eat that do not need to be organic, such as papaya, sweet potato and avocado, which is touted as the “superman” of baby food.

In the meantime, we’re just excited and amused that Vito demolishes all his meals!

Vito’s six months, and he has been exclusively breastfeeding since birth. He had his first taste of water a few days ago, and today, he had his first serving of rice cereal! He downed everything effortlessly, and with little grunts of satisfaction.

Because we’re big on eating organic as much possible, it made sense for us to go the same avenue with Vito. He’s been feed Mommy’s milk from day one, and Mommy eats organic as much as she can! No point in letting the goodness stop by offering him baby food that’s gone through processing. It’s a good thing lots of organic baby cereals are now in the market, and organic fruits and veggies are readily at hand in markets.

Let the photos tell you how yummy he found his first meal:

Mixing the cereal with breastmilk.

Vito's first serving of cereal.

With Mommy and Daddy at the dinner table.

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