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I went to Anvaya Cove, far away from home, with Daddy, Mommy, and the whole family of Lolo Pap and Lola Ma (De Luna). We all rode a big bus, and I got to ride in my car seat. But of course, I didn’t stay in it for long because I easily get bored. During the trip, I couldn’t wait to get off that crampy bus!

When we got off the bus, a golf cart took us around.

I heard we were going to see a place called the beach. When I saw it, with all the waves and the big, cloudy sky above, I shrieked; I was so happy to swim in that strange, humongous swimming pool in the sea!

Mommy and me (and Daddy taking the pic) at the Anvaya Cove beach. It was cloudy, but we went swimming anyway.

I went swimming for the first time in a real swimming pool! It was so much bigger than the one I have in Lola’s house, and you didn’t have to blow air into it. Instead, Mommy took me to a pool that had big bubbles in it! A jacuzzi, she called it.

Daddy, me and Mommy in the big jacuzzi pool! So many bubbles!

Here are some more pictures of me loving the swimming in Anvaya Cove!

Mommy and me in the swimming pool, when the sun came out!

Me and Daddy

Here's me on my deck chair by the pool after swimming.


Me and Daddy on Father's Day

Dear Daddy,

I forgot to tell you: Happy Father’s Day! It’s very late, I know. But I have been so busy with eating, and clapping, and shouting, and tummy time that I forgot to tell you how much I love you.

Daddy, thank you for:

1. Staying home to watch me while Mommy goes to her office

2. Playing with me every day

3. Carrying me when Mommy’s back is hurting

4. Changing my diaper and washing me up

5. Taking me for walks in the garden

6. Letting me watch a little of Baby TV, even if the songs are LSS-ing in your head

7. Giving me my vitamins every day

8. Helping Mommy when it’s time to give me a bath

9. Hugging and cuddling me

10. Showing me in so many ways how much you love me.

I love you very much, Daddy. Belated Happy Father’s Day to you. I am so happy you are my Daddy!

Lolo and Lola got Vito a swimming pool. He went for his first dip last Easter Sunday, just before lunch time. There are no words to describe his utter joy and delight. He loved splashing about in the water, which was tepid and therefore just right for a hot summer day. Enjoy his pics!

During the Holy Week holiday, it was Vito’s (and my) first time to go to the De Luna home in Liliw, Laguna. Vito enjoyed the car ride very much! He was a bit cranky upon arriving as he didn’t get much sleep during the trip. However, that didn’t stop us from getting some decent and very cute pics!

It was the first time Vito went to Mass at Mommy’s community, Elim. We were there with many of Mommy and Daddy’s friends too! Everyone was so happy to see Vito there, and he tried to stay awake as much as he could! After Mass, he finally dozed off just after a feeding so that Mommy and Daddy could escape for lunch out with old friends. Good baby!

How old is Vito?


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