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Vito's first "drawing"

Vito “drew” this while seated on Daddy’s lap at his desk. He would shift the pencil to and from his right and left hands, so he used both hands to make these scribbles! So cute!

  • Foods: Now eating a variety of foods. He especially likes Mommy’s homemade baby food, like pureed potatoes, pechay and fish, or pureed zucchini, broccoli and turkey breast. He loves fruit and yogurt.
  • Words: Vito’s vocabulary has definitely increased this past month.┬áSome of his words are: “Mama” (mommy), “Dada” (daddy), “kuh” (car), “kah” (cat), “te-te” (Tracey), “bap-um” (“blow” or “birthday”), “guh” (tiger), to name a few. He knows the words “Lolo,” “Lola,” “Lola Ma” and “Lolo Pap,” and looks to each grandparent according to name, but he cannot say these words yet.
  • Gross motor: His signature crawl is hilarious. He always looks as if he’s about to get up on both feet and stand. He can push himself up to a standing position, most recently by gripping the seat of our dining chairs and pushing himself up.
  • Fine motor: Vito likes to grip things using two fingers, like his pacifier. He can also firmly grip several of his toys, in particular his cow toy, which is rather bulky.

"What are you looking at, buster?"

Because it is my ninth month (and I celebrated my birthday last August 8), I thought I’d share nine things about me:

1. I am starting (trying) to crawl, but I’m taking my time. I like to push my body up with my arms a lot, but I seem to go backward instead of forward.

2. I want to stand up all the time, like real badly.

3. I can (sometimes) push myself up from lying on my tummy to a sitting position.

4. I have five (yes, 5!) teeth. My mom brushes them after I eat.

5. I like to wave at girls.

6. I have had so many haircuts by Lola, I can’t keep count anymore.

7. I am an average sleeper at night. I can sleep straight, sometimes for 10 hours.

8. I still like to watch Alicia Keys singing “Empire State of Mind,” especially if I’m in a bad mood.

9. I hate having my face cleaned, especially when Mommy and Daddy try to wipe my nose clean from snot.

I went to Anvaya Cove, far away from home, with Daddy, Mommy, and the whole family of Lolo Pap and Lola Ma (De Luna). We all rode a big bus, and I got to ride in my car seat. But of course, I didn’t stay in it for long because I easily get bored. During the trip, I couldn’t wait to get off that crampy bus!

When we got off the bus, a golf cart took us around.

I heard we were going to see a place called the beach. When I saw it, with all the waves and the big, cloudy sky above, I shrieked; I was so happy to swim in that strange, humongous swimming pool in the sea!

Mommy and me (and Daddy taking the pic) at the Anvaya Cove beach. It was cloudy, but we went swimming anyway.

I went swimming for the first time in a real swimming pool! It was so much bigger than the one I have in Lola’s house, and you didn’t have to blow air into it. Instead, Mommy took me to a pool that had big bubbles in it! A jacuzzi, she called it.

Daddy, me and Mommy in the big jacuzzi pool! So many bubbles!

Here are some more pictures of me loving the swimming in Anvaya Cove!

Mommy and me in the swimming pool, when the sun came out!

Me and Daddy

Here's me on my deck chair by the pool after swimming.

Hello, everyone.

My. It has been a long time since I last told you about what I’ve been up to. My mommy has been so busy taking care of me and doing her new work at home that she has not been able to write on this blog for me. But she knows everything that I have been doing. Here are some of those things:

1. I had my pneumonia shot just a few days before my 8 month birthday.

2. I can now say “Da-da” and “Ma-ma-ma-ma”, and soon, I will find out what these funny sounds mean. I say them a lot.

3. I am trying to crawl. I push myself up with my arms and try to put my chunky legs forward, but I seem to keep moving backward. Oh well. My visiting Lola Ochie says it’s still early for crawling.

4. I have four teeth. The ones on top just started to come up. I bit Mommy twice already while drinking milk, but she always forgives me.

5. I attended my first children’s party when Kuya Markus turned two years old on July 10.

6. I got a cold after the party, because Dr. Neri said that babies like me usually get colds after a children’s party.

7. I received some new toys from my titos and titas who came from Canada to visit.

8. I can eat fish now. I like it a lot! My mom is thinking if she will just make me eat fish, veggies, fruits and eggs instead of giving me meat. I don’t think I mind. She says it is healthier.

Tomorrow, I will be going out of town with my daddy’s side of the family. It will be the first time I will see the beach, swim in a real swimming pool, and ride a big bus. I will tell you all about what I did when I get back. Thank you.

Me and Daddy on Father's Day

Dear Daddy,

I forgot to tell you: Happy Father’s Day! It’s very late, I know. But I have been so busy with eating, and clapping, and shouting, and tummy time that I forgot to tell you how much I love you.

Daddy, thank you for:

1. Staying home to watch me while Mommy goes to her office

2. Playing with me every day

3. Carrying me when Mommy’s back is hurting

4. Changing my diaper and washing me up

5. Taking me for walks in the garden

6. Letting me watch a little of Baby TV, even if the songs are LSS-ing in your head

7. Giving me my vitamins every day

8. Helping Mommy when it’s time to give me a bath

9. Hugging and cuddling me

10. Showing me in so many ways how much you love me.

I love you very much, Daddy. Belated Happy Father’s Day to you. I am so happy you are my Daddy!

"Hi, Auntie Suh! Hello, Malaysian fans!"

My mommy got the funniest email from Ninong Kiddo last night:

“Marts! The funniest thing happened earlier. Suh … is studying in KK and took us out with some of her friends earlier. Amy brought out the camera to show Suh pictures of “our nephew.” Then Suh’s friends were like, “Oh, is this Vito? He’s so cute. We read his blog!” Apparently Suh had told all her friends about Baby V! Wala lang cute kuwento. Give the little boy a kiss from Ninong and Tita. Love, Joe”

That’s funny! I have many readers in Malaysia, apparently!

I want to say “hello” to Auntie Suh and her friends in KK! I hope one day I can visit all of you. Perhaps when I know how to write my name. Then I can all sign you some autographs. Terima Kasih!

Hey everybody: Guess what? Lately, I’ve been able to do a neat new thing: Dropping stuff.

It’s cool. You see, for a while now I’ve been able to reach for things that I want to touch, like my V-tech guitar, my music box cat, my shakers, and my little beach ball. I can hold on to these things pretty well, and I somehow forget to let go of them until I drop them when something else catches my attention. But lately, I’ve been dropping the things I grab. This morning while Mommy was cooking, I was sitting in my glider chair and dropping stuff, like my teether and toy elephant.

Here's me reading my little board book "Kitten."

I have also enjoyed playing with many toys at the same time, as well as reading. I like to read on my own, even if I don’t know what I am doing. I just know that I like to see the pretty colors in a book, and then I like to stick the book in my mouth for a nice chew. Nom, nom, nom!

I also like clapping my hands together, especially when Mommy or Daddy clap with me. It’s lots of fun watching them be silly to me; I think they look more funny than I do when I’m clapping. Well, I guess the price you pay for being cute is to have your Mommy and Daddy fawn over you the way they do.

Here are a couple more pics of my play time just this week:

Dear Mommy,

I am going to be seven months soon. People say I know so many things already: how to patty-pat, how to raspberry, how to pucker my lips, how to shout and scream. I know a lot of things, but a lot more other things still confuse me. But I do know this: I love you.

Mommy, I get upset when you leave the room. I feel the most safe when you are with me, even though I do like going with Daddy a lot too. It’s still not the same if it’s you. I want to know that you are there. When you go away on a trip or a chore, I miss you very much. When you come back to me, I want you to hold me right away. I forget whatever I’m doing when I see you, because you make me happy.

Mommy, when you are happy, I am happy. And when you feel sad, I am sad. I don’t understand it, but that is how I feel. When you hold me, everything is all right again. When you rock me to sleep at night and sing to me, I know I will have nice dreams. When you play with me, I like to squeal and laugh. I like that you read to me and you talk to me. I am excited when you feed me. I know you also clean me, and you always take good care of me.

Mommy, I know you are my very first friend. I love you. Thank you for being my Mommy.



Vito and his Lola Ma on Gmail's video chat. He's quite telegenic, isn't he?

Vito’s not just got a blog; he’s pretty tech savvy too. Well, at least his dad helps him to keep abreast on technology.

So Vito had another one of his video chat moments last night with his Lola Ma while Daddy was having some down time on his office work. He’s quite familiar on the GoogleTalk video chat, his ninong Kiddo and Lola Ma being the most often to engage him in a few minutes of tech talk. As usual, he spends most of the time wondering what’s going on, though we think it’s unmistakable that he knows it’s himself he’s looking at on the computer screen! I think we all look forward to the day when he can try using the headset and mic!

How old is Vito?


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