Dear Vito,

Happy 11 months, cutie!

You are so big, sweetie. When I put you to bed at night, I see that you’re more and more of a little boy every day that goes by. You’re still a baby, but you’re learning more and doing more every single day. It amazes me how less than a year ago, you were just a little fidgety “watermelon” in me (heehee).

Now, you’re almost a year old. Every day, I remind myself that you’ll never go back to being a little baby. You’ll just keep getting bigger, smarter, heavier, “curiouser,” and yes, cuter and cuter. I still remember the days when you were so small, so light, so helpless and needy. The week we came home from the hospital was the most tiring week I ever had, but it was worth it because you were just too amazing not to care for. Sure, you kept Daddy and I awake for most of that time, but we didn’t mind. In fact, some days we miss it. We will never have those days again.

But we look forward to better days with you, years and years, in fact! Every night, Daddy and I watch you sleep, and we wonder what you’ll be like when you get bigger. These days, we hold on so tightly to the last moments of your babyhood. Next month, you’ll officially be a toddler. And you’re standing up on your own, trying to walk, which makes it even more real to us: You’re a little boy. Still, you will always be our baby boy, our little “boom boom,” little funny man, little tricker-boy, little tough guy.

Today, we’ll sing “Happy Birthday” to you again, and you’ll say “ba-bum” every time we do. We’re still trying to figure out what that means! Whatever it means, we know you understand it’s your birthday. And it promises to be a good one at that. We can’t wait for next month when you’ll have your first birthday party!

We love you, Vito. Have a wonderful 11th month. We can’t wait to see what you’ll do next.


Mommy and Daddy