• Foods: Now eating a variety of foods. He especially likes Mommy’s homemade baby food, like pureed potatoes, pechay and fish, or pureed zucchini, broccoli and turkey breast. He loves fruit and yogurt.
  • Words: Vito’s vocabulary has definitely increased this past month. Some of his words are: “Mama” (mommy), “Dada” (daddy), “kuh” (car), “kah” (cat), “te-te” (Tracey), “bap-um” (“blow” or “birthday”), “guh” (tiger), to name a few. He knows the words “Lolo,” “Lola,” “Lola Ma” and “Lolo Pap,” and looks to each grandparent according to name, but he cannot say these words yet.
  • Gross motor: His signature crawl is hilarious. He always looks as if he’s about to get up on both feet and stand. He can push himself up to a standing position, most recently by gripping the seat of our dining chairs and pushing himself up.
  • Fine motor: Vito likes to grip things using two fingers, like his pacifier. He can also firmly grip several of his toys, in particular his cow toy, which is rather bulky.