Happy 10th month birthday, Vito!

As I write this, you are lying next to me, sound asleep. When I look down at you, I realize how quickly you’ve grown, how tall you’ve become and how active you are. I remember this time last year, when you were still inside that bump that comprised the most of me; you were already so fidgety then.

Are you really so big already? When I see you crawl, stand yourself up against the sofa or playpen, roll along in your walker, I sometimes have to stop and take it all in slowly. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that you were a tiny little bundle only months ago, helpless and needing me 24/7. Today, you are coming into your own, with every little antic, with every milestone you reach. Pretty soon, you’ll be walking around by yourself, and I’ll wonder what happened to that chubby little “boom-boom” baby who always needed to be carried.

I’m preparing myself for the days when you will want to escape from my arms more than you’ll want to be in them. It’ll just be a matter of time before you’re chatting — you say ever so many things now! I love your little voice when you speak, especially in the mornings when you suddenly babble upon waking up. This will always be one of my fondest memories of you.

These past ten months, I’ve seen you change and grow into a smart, sweet, observant and clever little boy. Yes, you are a little boy, but you will always be my precious little baby.

Happy birthday, little boy. I love you so very much.