Vito had his second dose of the Pneumonia vaccine. During the check-up, he showed Dr. Neri that he could stand with assistance, and during his check-up, he behaved very well.  As usual, he took the shot very well, only crying for a few seconds when he felt the prick. Other than that, the doctor commented that he was one intelligent baby!

Here are Vito’s stats today:

Age: 9 months and 4 weeks (He’ll be 10 months on the 8th of September!)

Head to toe length: 75

Weight: 8.5 kilos

Constitution: Vito had a cold a few weeks ago, so we postponed his second dose of the pneumonia vaccine until he got better.  .


Foods: Vito is now eating a full range of proteins, carbs, and fiber-rich foods. He likes fish a lot, as well as chicken and beef. Sorry, no pork for this baby; Mommy finds pork meat too “dirty” unless it’s organic. He likes fruits, especially blueberries and peaches (together!). He also loves his mixed veggies with soup. In the past month, Lolo’s been giving him graham crackers in between or during meals, which he enjoys.

Milk: Care of fab Mommy Marts, of course!

Supplements: Ceelin (Ascorbic Acid), Tiki-Tiki (Multivitamins), Moringa (malunggay extract)

Dental: Vito now has 6 little teeth! He also loves toothbrushing time.  (Yay!)

Some people have commented that Vito’s rather “plateaued” at his current height and weight. He is tall for his age, and he’s been maintaining his weight at 8.5 kgs, which is still in the weight range of his current age. Don’t worry, people. He’s so active and sweaty all the time, it’s nothing to worry about that he isn’t as chubby as he once was.