"What are you looking at, buster?"

Because it is my ninth month (and I celebrated my birthday last August 8), I thought I’d share nine things about me:

1. I am starting (trying) to crawl, but I’m taking my time. I like to push my body up with my arms a lot, but I seem to go backward instead of forward.

2. I want to stand up all the time, like real badly.

3. I can (sometimes) push myself up from lying on my tummy to a sitting position.

4. I have five (yes, 5!) teeth. My mom brushes them after I eat.

5. I like to wave at girls.

6. I have had so many haircuts by Lola, I can’t keep count anymore.

7. I am an average sleeper at night. I can sleep straight, sometimes for 10 hours.

8. I still like to watch Alicia Keys singing “Empire State of Mind,” especially if I’m in a bad mood.

9. I hate having my face cleaned, especially when Mommy and Daddy try to wipe my nose clean from snot.