Dear Vito,

Happy birthday, sweetie!

This post is a day late. It’s because you and I were not feeling too well yesterday, your 9th month birthday. How can it be that today you are already 9 months old, little one? Time seems to be rushing Mommy and Daddy. Sigh.

You have made so much progress in the last month. You’re even starting to sit up on your own, pushing yourself up when you’re on your tummy. It’s fun to watch you try, and whenever you reach another milestone, Daddy and I are so proud of you!

You are also talking more and more. We love it when you say “Ma-ma-ma” and “Da-da-da,” which you do every day. You are beginning to realize that I’m your “Mama” and Daddy’s your “Da-da,” you look our way when you say those silly words! What a smart baby! You learn so fast.

You know how to wave hello and goodbye to people. We love it so much when you wave your hand to greet your grandparents, your titos and titas, and all the people who come to see you. You really know your grandparents now, and have a special relationship with each one. It’s amazing for your Daddy and I to see how well you know the people who love you.

You are getting so heavy, too! Even Daddy finds you so heavy, baby. How you love to wriggle around and wriggle out of our cuddles! Please don’t rush to wriggle out, little boy! We’re going to miss these cuddly times when you start running around, which may not be too far off considering how smart you are. You even try to stand sometimes in your play yard!

There are just too many things happening all too fast. We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished. We can only thank the Lord that you are such a blessing to us. We love you, Vito! Happy birthday!


Mommy (and Daddy!)