A few weeks ago, I got sick. I caught a cold. The doctor said it was most likely I caught one from one of the kids at a birthday party I went to. I remember feeling terrible. My nose was clogged up, and I would cough until my throat felt dry. I didn’t want to be away from my Mommy at all.

Nasal aspirator, blue chamomile gel and nasal spray for my cold.

I hated that nasal aspirator! After a few times, Mommy stopped using it because I hated it so much. The nasal spray helped me breathe better, and I didn’t hate it as much.

This is me leaning on Mommy when I had a bit of a fever during the cold.

I lost a bit of weight when I got sick. It’s OK, I will get it back because I am eating more these days. When I was sick, I hardly ate because I didn’t feel nice. I would only want Mommy’s milk.

Now I am better, and I hope I won’t catch a cold again!