Hello, everyone.

My. It has been a long time since I last told you about what I’ve been up to. My mommy has been so busy taking care of me and doing her new work at home that she has not been able to write on this blog for me. But she knows everything that I have been doing. Here are some of those things:

1. I had my pneumonia shot just a few days before my 8 month birthday.

2. I can now say “Da-da” and “Ma-ma-ma-ma”, and soon, I will find out what these funny sounds mean. I say them a lot.

3. I am trying to crawl. I push myself up with my arms and try to put my chunky legs forward, but I seem to keep moving backward. Oh well. My visiting Lola Ochie says it’s still early for crawling.

4. I have four teeth. The ones on top just started to come up. I bit Mommy twice already while drinking milk, but she always forgives me.

5. I attended my first children’s party when Kuya Markus turned two years old on July 10.

6. I got a cold after the party, because Dr. Neri said that babies like me usually get colds after a children’s party.

7. I received some new toys from my titos and titas who came from Canada to visit.

8. I can eat fish now. I like it a lot! My mom is thinking if she will just make me eat fish, veggies, fruits and eggs instead of giving me meat. I don’t think I mind. She says it is healthier.

Tomorrow, I will be going out of town with my daddy’s side of the family. It will be the first time I will see the beach, swim in a real swimming pool, and ride a big bus. I will tell you all about what I did when I get back. Thank you.