Happy birthday, Vito!

You are eight months today. Last year this time, you were inside me and we had just found out we were expecting a baby boy. You don’t know how happy we were to find out, and how excited we were to finally see you. It seems so long ago, especially when I see just how big, strong and healthy you have grown.

You have reached so many milestones the past month! You have learned how to sit up on your own, how to make a multitude of goos, babbles and gurgles, how to say “ba-ba-ba” and “pa-pa-pa” and “na-na-na…” Sigh. Can you please say “mama” and “dada” already, baby? Hahaha! How we love to listen to you whenever you try to talk; your voice is so cute, it makes Daddy and me crazy each time. And your laugh, oh, your laugh! There’s no sweeter sound in the world.

As you grow another month older, baby, I pray that you will continue to grow more and more healthy and happy. Daddy and I love you, Vito!