"Hi, Auntie Suh! Hello, Malaysian fans!"

My mommy got the funniest email from Ninong Kiddo last night:

“Marts! The funniest thing happened earlier. Suh … is studying in KK and took us out with some of her friends earlier. Amy brought out the camera to show Suh pictures of “our nephew.” Then Suh’s friends were like, “Oh, is this Vito? He’s so cute. We read his blog!” Apparently Suh had told all her friends about Baby V! Wala lang cute kuwento. Give the little boy a kiss from Ninong and Tita. Love, Joe”

That’s funny! I have many readers in Malaysia, apparently!

I want to say “hello” to Auntie Suh and her friends in KK! I hope one day I can visit all of you. Perhaps when I know how to write my name. Then I can all sign you some autographs. Terima Kasih!