Dear Baby,

Happy 7th month birthday, little boy!

You know, you keep me and Daddy so busy yet so happy. We love you for all your little antics. You have no idea how happy it makes us when you smile at us, when you clap your little hands, when you say “ba, ba, ba, ba” over and over, and when you blow raspberries while you eat. It’s truly a joy being your parents.

On this, your seventh month, we pray you will continue to grow stronger and bigger. You are one healthy little bub, and we are so thankful to God that you are! Keep on eating well, keep on receiving Mommy’s milk, keep on being fidgety and playful with Daddy. Most of all, keep making us smile. You’re our little guru, our little teacher, our light. We love you, baby.


Daddy and Mommy