Vito had his third dose of the Hepa-B vaccine. During the check-up, he smiled as usual, making faces and observing all the things in the office. He was a very good boy, and didn’t cry in pain when the doctor administered the shot. The doctor was pleased to see he was very tall, very healthy, and had just the right amount of fat.

Here are Vito’s stats today:

Age: 6 months and 3 weeks

Crown: 45 cm

Head to toe length: 70

Weight: 8.0 kilos

Development: He has been repeating certain antics over and over, such as blowing raspberries. He can sit up on his own for a few seconds, and just today, he tried to prop himself up while sitting nestled in his Boppy support pillow. He is eating more foods, all organic: rice cereal, sweet potato, carrot, pears and apples. He is also learning to reach for things that interest him, such as his crib music box, his beach ball toy, his teethers and pieces of clothing on the bed.