Dearest Baby Boy,

Happy 6th month birthday!

Today, I shed some tears. I can’t believe that, just a year ago, you were a tiny little jellybean inside me. I never would have imagined you’d be as beautiful, perfect and oh-so-lovable as you are today. When I look at you, I see everything that is good, pure, pleasing, and worthy of praise (Phil. 4:8). You are truly a blessing to Daddy and Mommy.

I look forward to introducing you to your first meal of solid food; however, part of my heart aches when I think that you won’t be exclusively on my milk from now on. While I’ll still continue to provide you with nourishment, the fact is: I’ll miss you. I’ll miss your little baby boy’s eyes looking up at me with wonder and innocent love each time you nurse. I would look forward to this every few hours, and I will cherish the less frequent times from now on when will share this special bond.

I don’t wish for you to remain as you are, although part of me wishes I could cuddle you, keep you small and chubby, and carry you around forever. But you must grow into the boy (and eventually, the man) God wants you to be. As long as I’m here as your Mommy, I will see to it that you get the very best of my and Daddy’s love.

We love you so much, baby! We’re so proud to be your parents.