Whew. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks for the mommy and daddy. It’s been a period of developmental milestones for Vito too, and here’s a rundown of what he’s been up to in his last few weeks of his five-month mark:

1. He can stay on his tummy for tummy time for a good half hour! (Good for strong neck and back!)

2. He takes notice of his hand gestures and movements, such as “close-open” repetitions, wiggling his fingers, and tapping his hand on the table. He also recently discovered the joy of splashing water with his hands while he’s in his kiddie swimming pool!

3. He loves to be worn by Mommy or Daddy in the sling. Slinging babies is better for their development than keeping them in strollers as they are able to see the world at mom’s or dad’s perspective. Vito prefers this rather than seeing the knees and legs on people, hehehe! Attachment parenting deems babywearing as better for babies’ spinal development, cognitive development and eyesight!

4. He can put his feet to his mouth and nibble on his toes. Enough said for cuteness.

5. He had his first taste of water. (Dr Wilkins distilled and sterilized water is best for babies)

6. He knows that “Vito” is his name when called.

7. He had his second haircut, care of Lola. And stayed asleep through most of it.

8. He has outgrown three pairs of shoes, and currently only fits into his Florsheim pre-walkers. So Daddy got him some Havianas. Hehe.

All this and so much more, we can’t even remember. We just know that Vito is our favorite topic everyday, and never cease to be amazed at his accomplishments.