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Dear Mommy,

I am going to be seven months soon. People say I know so many things already: how to patty-pat, how to raspberry, how to pucker my lips, how to shout and scream. I know a lot of things, but a lot more other things still confuse me. But I do know this: I love you.

Mommy, I get upset when you leave the room. I feel the most safe when you are with me, even though I do like going with Daddy a lot too. It’s still not the same if it’s you. I want to know that you are there. When you go away on a trip or a chore, I miss you very much. When you come back to me, I want you to hold me right away. I forget whatever I’m doing when I see you, because you make me happy.

Mommy, when you are happy, I am happy. And when you feel sad, I am sad. I don’t understand it, but that is how I feel. When you hold me, everything is all right again. When you rock me to sleep at night and sing to me, I know I will have nice dreams. When you play with me, I like to squeal and laugh. I like that you read to me and you talk to me. I am excited when you feed me. I know you also clean me, and you always take good care of me.

Mommy, I know you are my very first friend. I love you. Thank you for being my Mommy.




Vito had his third dose of the Hepa-B vaccine. During the check-up, he smiled as usual, making faces and observing all the things in the office. He was a very good boy, and didn’t cry in pain when the doctor administered the shot. The doctor was pleased to see he was very tall, very healthy, and had just the right amount of fat.

Here are Vito’s stats today:

Age: 6 months and 3 weeks

Crown: 45 cm

Head to toe length: 70

Weight: 8.0 kilos

Development: He has been repeating certain antics over and over, such as blowing raspberries. He can sit up on his own for a few seconds, and just today, he tried to prop himself up while sitting nestled in his Boppy support pillow. He is eating more foods, all organic: rice cereal, sweet potato, carrot, pears and apples. He is also learning to reach for things that interest him, such as his crib music box, his beach ball toy, his teethers and pieces of clothing on the bed.

Vito and his Lola Ma on Gmail's video chat. He's quite telegenic, isn't he?

Vito’s not just got a blog; he’s pretty tech savvy too. Well, at least his dad helps him to keep abreast on technology.

So Vito had another one of his video chat moments last night with his Lola Ma while Daddy was having some down time on his office work. He’s quite familiar on the GoogleTalk video chat, his ninong Kiddo and Lola Ma being the most often to engage him in a few minutes of tech talk. As usual, he spends most of the time wondering what’s going on, though we think it’s unmistakable that he knows it’s himself he’s looking at on the computer screen! I think we all look forward to the day when he can try using the headset and mic!

Hello, everyone.

Today, I am six months and 12 days old!

Here’s a picture of me in my little swimming pool at Lolo and Lola’s house. It’s one of my favorite places to be in, and I complain whenever I’m taken out of my happy place. Anyway, I just wanted to update you all on what I’ve been up to lately.

Things have been happening really fast, and I hear my Mommy and Daddy saying that it’s only going to be a matter of time before I start crawling around and then running about. I sure hope so, but I hear Mommy and Daddy often say they want to keep me small, just the way I am now. But I’m so impatient to move about! I can’t seem to stop! I wriggle whenever I’m put in my glider seat, I wriggle when I’m eating my cereal or fruit, I wriggle whenever I’m in the bath seat or when I’m on my diaper pad. Wriggling seems to me a lot of fun, especially when I see my Mommy and Daddy struggling to keep me still so they can keep food from spilling down my body or my diaper from flying off when I kick my legs around. Haha!

I have also begun to shout often. I’m really noisy. In fact, I am so noisy and loud, sometimes I choke on my own saliva because I forget to swallow! I think it’s because I like hearing my voice so much. I love to let out long, loud shrieks when I’m happy, and I can also get pretty noisy when I’m annoyed, feeling hot, or needing to go potty. (I make grunting sounds when it’s “stinky” time too, because it helps me get the bad stuff out. Hehe.)

I am reaching for things more now, and I love to grab for things like Mommy’s hair, Daddy’s skin. Daddy says I “scorpioned” him once, whatever that means. All I know is that I like the way things feel, and when I touch things, sometimes I can bring them closer to me, close enough for me to put into my mouth! I like grabbing for my caterpillar toy and my teethers, which I shove into my mouth at any chance I get.

Well, there you go. I have been very busy. Today, a Thursday, I’m on my usual mid-week, all-day visit to Lola’s house while Mommy does some office work and Daddy gets some rest. I keep them very busy, and they need some time out sometimes to get recharged. Meanwhile, I’ll be at Lola’s house, going swimming, eating my pureed pears, being walked around the garden by yaya, and then napping. It’s a good thing Mommy is able to pump out a lot of milk for me, because I miss her a lot when she is away. I look forward to going home, cuddling with her, and drinking her milk.

Well, I ought to go. It’s time for me to stop watching Lola’s pet cat and get some other sort of entertainment. I will see you around!

Vito had his first taste of fruit today: an introductory meal of applesauce! I wasn’t able to get pictures, but he enjoyed it, one messy spoonful at a time.

Vito's first fruit: Earth's Best Organic "First Apples"

I bought some organic baby food from Healthy Options last week, which I thought would be a good call given that apples are super healthy but also because apples are among the top foods with the highest pesticide levels. Since reading up on the hazards of pesticides, especially for babies and breastfeeding moms, I’ve come to the conclusion that it pays to go organic, at least for the foods that are on the red eye for harsh chemical content.

Fortunately, there will be many foods that Vito can still eat that do not need to be organic, such as papaya, sweet potato and avocado, which is touted as the “superman” of baby food.

In the meantime, we’re just excited and amused that Vito demolishes all his meals!

Vito’s six months, and he has been exclusively breastfeeding since birth. He had his first taste of water a few days ago, and today, he had his first serving of rice cereal! He downed everything effortlessly, and with little grunts of satisfaction.

Because we’re big on eating organic as much possible, it made sense for us to go the same avenue with Vito. He’s been feed Mommy’s milk from day one, and Mommy eats organic as much as she can! No point in letting the goodness stop by offering him baby food that’s gone through processing. It’s a good thing lots of organic baby cereals are now in the market, and organic fruits and veggies are readily at hand in markets.

Let the photos tell you how yummy he found his first meal:

Mixing the cereal with breastmilk.

Vito's first serving of cereal.

With Mommy and Daddy at the dinner table.

Dearest Baby Boy,

Happy 6th month birthday!

Today, I shed some tears. I can’t believe that, just a year ago, you were a tiny little jellybean inside me. I never would have imagined you’d be as beautiful, perfect and oh-so-lovable as you are today. When I look at you, I see everything that is good, pure, pleasing, and worthy of praise (Phil. 4:8). You are truly a blessing to Daddy and Mommy.

I look forward to introducing you to your first meal of solid food; however, part of my heart aches when I think that you won’t be exclusively on my milk from now on. While I’ll still continue to provide you with nourishment, the fact is: I’ll miss you. I’ll miss your little baby boy’s eyes looking up at me with wonder and innocent love each time you nurse. I would look forward to this every few hours, and I will cherish the less frequent times from now on when will share this special bond.

I don’t wish for you to remain as you are, although part of me wishes I could cuddle you, keep you small and chubby, and carry you around forever. But you must grow into the boy (and eventually, the man) God wants you to be. As long as I’m here as your Mommy, I will see to it that you get the very best of my and Daddy’s love.

We love you so much, baby! We’re so proud to be your parents.

Whew. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks for the mommy and daddy. It’s been a period of developmental milestones for Vito too, and here’s a rundown of what he’s been up to in his last few weeks of his five-month mark:

1. He can stay on his tummy for tummy time for a good half hour! (Good for strong neck and back!)

2. He takes notice of his hand gestures and movements, such as “close-open” repetitions, wiggling his fingers, and tapping his hand on the table. He also recently discovered the joy of splashing water with his hands while he’s in his kiddie swimming pool!

3. He loves to be worn by Mommy or Daddy in the sling. Slinging babies is better for their development than keeping them in strollers as they are able to see the world at mom’s or dad’s perspective. Vito prefers this rather than seeing the knees and legs on people, hehehe! Attachment parenting deems babywearing as better for babies’ spinal development, cognitive development and eyesight!

4. He can put his feet to his mouth and nibble on his toes. Enough said for cuteness.

5. He had his first taste of water. (Dr Wilkins distilled and sterilized water is best for babies)

6. He knows that “Vito” is his name when called.

7. He had his second haircut, care of Lola. And stayed asleep through most of it.

8. He has outgrown three pairs of shoes, and currently only fits into his Florsheim pre-walkers. So Daddy got him some Havianas. Hehe.

All this and so much more, we can’t even remember. We just know that Vito is our favorite topic everyday, and never cease to be amazed at his accomplishments.

How old is Vito?


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