April 11, at 5 months and 3 days: Tummy time on the ottoman at Starbucks. Note his little latte. Hehe.

At Pancake House, Katipunan, after fixing up Ninong Kiddo and Tita Amy's flat (April 9, at 5 months and 1 day)

April 15, Lolo & Lola's 32nd anniversary dinner at Choi Garden (5 months and 6 days old)

So many restaurant gimmicks for Vito this month! Given that he loves to explore and take in his surroundings, we’ve been taking him out more and more these days. Since we’re assured he’s got antibodies from Mommy’s milk, we’ve become more confident about taking him outdoors. He loves being out of the house — gala talaga ang bata na ‘to!