Went to the pediatrician yesterday, for Vito’s third dose of the Pentaxim immunization shots. He was so well-behaved, and didn’t cry at all! Not even when the needle went in his chubby thigh! We were relieved at this, and soon after the shot, he started breastfeeding and was lulled to a slumber. Ah, sweet success. Hopefully the shot won’t swell up, otherwise we’ll have to apply warm compress to lessen the throbbing. So far, he’s sleeping!

Here are Vito’s stats today, as of his most recent check-up with his pediatrician:

Age: 4 months and 4 weeks (His birthday is on the 8th!)

Crown: 40 cm

Head to toe length: 70

Weight: 7.1 kilos (HEAVY.)

Constitution: Nothing to report! Vito’s been healthy and steadily gaining weight. No colds, fevers or coughs encountered in the last month, thank God!

Development: Can hold his head up, turn his head. He can now turn over from face up to tummy position, and vice-versa. He can sit up with assistance, which means it’s been easier to burp him. He now finishes about 6-7 ounces per bottle of breastmilk, and feeds up to 8 times a day, on demand (which explains his weight gain over the last four weeks!) His eye-to-eye contact is so much better, and he loves looking out into the distance. His naps have become shorter, but night time sleep is improving (He wakes up about every six hours now instead of four.)

Thankful. That’s what we are as parents. 🙂