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Vito had his second dose of the oral Rotavirus vaccine, which will help him against viral infections of the digestive system. During the check-up, he smiled and cooed at the good doctor, and was so fidgety. He kept grabbing things on the examination table.

Here are Vito’s stats today:

Age: 5 months and 3 weeks (His birthday is on the 8th!)

Crown: 45 cm

Head to toe length: 70

Weight: 7.7 kilos

Constitution: Vito experienced no colds, and was protected from the rampant viral diseases that have been going around this summer season.

Development: He’s been turning over and over, like a pancake, heehee. He is beginning to look at his hands whenever he grips something, and is already doing the proverbial “open-close” motion with both his hands. He likes to watch his hands whenever he does “open-close.” Yesterday, Mommy had the misfortune of watching him fall from the bed 😦 But he’s OK: no bumps, bruises or any side effects from the fall (We cuddled for a while after that scare! Thank the Lord for His angels!).


Blog posts are delayed, haha. Busy with Mommy duties and work, and all the juggling in between. Expect a new post within the week, along with recent photos. Thanks, all!  – Mommy Marts

With so many different opinions on how to raise a child, it can get confusing for us as Vito’s parents to make clear decisions about them. However, since I am a firm believer in Vito, young as he is, I go with the flow and respond to his wants and needs in the way I see fit. While some may not agree with my views (i.e. attachment parenting, continuum method, exclusive breastfeeding, delaying solids, etc), I stand on my beliefs and philosophy about raising my son. Of course, many of these theories might go against popular old wives tales and doings of generations past. Still, I choose to follow what we as parents believe is right.

I am learning to take the good advice I’m given. Still, I discern what or what not to follow based on my personal beliefs. I may follow head-on or I may not; what matters is that, as a mom, I am making choices for my child. We’re fortunate that his pediatrician is a breastfeeding advocate, and has been praising us for keeping Vito well-fed. As a result, he’s healthier than ever, strong and bright-eyed, and always active. By delaying certain things like solids, water and formula, we’ve seen that Vito has reached many developmental milestones in the natural course of time.

And so goes the journey that is parenthood. It’s not easy, it’s full of bumps, it’s paved with many choices. What matters most is that Vito’s priorities are met, his trust in me and his dad is strengthened and our bond as a family is reinforced through love. In the end, that’s all that matters.

April 11, at 5 months and 3 days: Tummy time on the ottoman at Starbucks. Note his little latte. Hehe.

At Pancake House, Katipunan, after fixing up Ninong Kiddo and Tita Amy's flat (April 9, at 5 months and 1 day)

April 15, Lolo & Lola's 32nd anniversary dinner at Choi Garden (5 months and 6 days old)

So many restaurant gimmicks for Vito this month! Given that he loves to explore and take in his surroundings, we’ve been taking him out more and more these days. Since we’re assured he’s got antibodies from Mommy’s milk, we’ve become more confident about taking him outdoors. He loves being out of the house — gala talaga ang bata na ‘to!

Vito went with Lolo, Lola and Mommy to bring wedding gifts to Ninong Kiddo and Tita Amy’s new home. He napped a bit on the bed while Lolo, Lola and Mommy fixed and cleaned up the apartment. Then, we moved on to Pancake House for a much-deserved snack and coffee break. Vito also did his part to keep the guests of the restaurant entertained!


Dear Vito,

Happy 5th month Birthday, baby!

I can’t believe it’s been only five months, just as much as I can’t believe it’s already been five months since you came into our lives. You were so tiny and small five months ago; now you’re even bigger than some babies who are older than you! Every time we go to a pedia check-up, I am amazed at how much you have grown. You’re longer, heavier and noisier each time we learn something new about you at check-ups, and you’re so well-behaved as well!

This month, you’ve been learning that you can reach for things and touch them with your hands. You favor your right hand, which I hope is a sign that you are right-handed, like Mommy. You enjoy more and more putting stuff in your mouth, whether it be your hands, your lampin, your teether toys, even your pillow! Sometimes your clothes are so soaked with laway that no bib can do you justice, drool boy!) You’re also more aware of the people who love you: Mommy, Daddy, Lolo and Lola, Lolo Pap and Lola Ma, and your loving Ninong Kiddo, Tito Kayo and Ninang Nica. You have no idea, baby, how happy you make them.

This month, you’ve also been going out more, seeing different places around town and out of town, discovering more and more about the world around you. You love being in a van or car: Your eyes light up and you stare and stare out the window at the world that’s outside the speeding vehicle. You seem so at home inside a car that you often fall asleep to the humming of the engine!

You’re so heavy, baby. Mommy can now use her sling for you (Finally!), and you love to be carried around this way. In the same way, you noisily squeal and laugh whenever Daddy carries you around in the baby carrier, which makes you two look like a kangaroo with its joey, hehe. I guess you just love to always look around, taking in more and more of everything that you can see, hear and touch.

This month, we know you’re going to get bigger, stronger and even more healthy than you already are. We know you can’t stay a baby forever, so we’re enjoying this time when we get to hold you, cuddle you and kiss you to our hearts’ content. Thank you for bringing us so much joy, and for teaching us each day that we can become better versions of ourselves.

We love you, Vito!


Mommy and Daddy

April 8, 2010

Vito right after he turned over from lying down! (Taken around 8:30 AM, April 7, 2010)

Yehey! We have a little pancake!

Just one day short of the five-month-old mark, and Vito has turned over on his own! He did the feat twice this morning. We had been noticing him turning on his side the past few weeks, sometimes to the point of twisting his body the whole way round. He’ll usually start from a lying down position and turn his torso towards the right. He’d been trying this out for days until finally TODAY, he managed to flip from lying down to his tummy!

Went to the pediatrician yesterday, for Vito’s third dose of the Pentaxim immunization shots. He was so well-behaved, and didn’t cry at all! Not even when the needle went in his chubby thigh! We were relieved at this, and soon after the shot, he started breastfeeding and was lulled to a slumber. Ah, sweet success. Hopefully the shot won’t swell up, otherwise we’ll have to apply warm compress to lessen the throbbing. So far, he’s sleeping!

Here are Vito’s stats today, as of his most recent check-up with his pediatrician:

Age: 4 months and 4 weeks (His birthday is on the 8th!)

Crown: 40 cm

Head to toe length: 70

Weight: 7.1 kilos (HEAVY.)

Constitution: Nothing to report! Vito’s been healthy and steadily gaining weight. No colds, fevers or coughs encountered in the last month, thank God!

Development: Can hold his head up, turn his head. He can now turn over from face up to tummy position, and vice-versa. He can sit up with assistance, which means it’s been easier to burp him. He now finishes about 6-7 ounces per bottle of breastmilk, and feeds up to 8 times a day, on demand (which explains his weight gain over the last four weeks!) His eye-to-eye contact is so much better, and he loves looking out into the distance. His naps have become shorter, but night time sleep is improving (He wakes up about every six hours now instead of four.)

Thankful. That’s what we are as parents. 🙂

Lolo and Lola got Vito a swimming pool. He went for his first dip last Easter Sunday, just before lunch time. There are no words to describe his utter joy and delight. He loved splashing about in the water, which was tepid and therefore just right for a hot summer day. Enjoy his pics!

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