Vito’s pedia recommended that we keep a steady schedule of outdoor and indoor activities for Vito. Each morning he goes on a stroll with Daddy out in the garden so that he can look at the sky, the trees, the birds. In the afternoons, Mommy tries to take him out to the park if she has time after work. Since he turned four months old, he’s been more alert, more aware of the world around him. Thus, it’s been more fun to take him out and about town.

Vito, Daddy and Mommy at McKinley Hill Piazza, March 28, 2010.

He loves car rides, and grunts in protest when he’s not able to stare out the car window, so we make sure he’s positioned safely and able to enjoy the view. (Apparently he loves to watch the cars zooming along.) His other activities have included trips to restaurants and non-crowded shopping districts like Bonifacio High Street or McKinley Hill. He’s been more easy to manage lately on trips since he’s able to go through longer “awake” periods and more spaced-out feeding schedules (He is still fully breastfed).

At Ninong Kiddo and Tito Amy's wedding, March 26, 2010, where we met a new friend. (Hmm, he looks familiar...)

Once he gets started eating solids it’ll be easier to take him around. However, we enjoy the extra work involved in caring for him as long as Vito enjoys himself.