“Everything’s gonna be alright.” – Alicia Keys, No One.

Vito is a picture of contentment getting Alicia therapy while seated on Lola's lap.

It looks like Vito’s preferred form of pacification these days is Alicia Keys. Lola discovered this one day when little Vito was crying for unknown reasons. Since boredom is often a culprit and cause of his tears, those caring for him on that day decided to pop in some DVD musical comfort. To everyone’s surprise, Vito stopped crying as soon as Ms Alicia came on screen.

So far, “Alicia therapy” has worked wonderfully; Vito — in some strange way — keeps quiet and is attentive soon as he hears the first strains of the piano. As his parents, we totally understand any infatuation over Ms. Alicia. Baby Vito’s got pretty good taste in music, and fine women. Hehe.