Dearest Vito,

Happy 4th month birthday!

It’s me again, your Mommy, writing this letter to you. You’re so much bigger, louder, smiley-er, and funnier than you ever were, which makes your birthday a joyful celebration. Today, on your  17th week of life, I say a prayer of thanks to God for you, for your health, your smiles, and the thousand other things that Daddy and I love about you!

Sometimes I have to stop and stare at you, especially while you sleep, and reminisce the day that you came into the world. You were so tiny, and yet so strong already, even in the delivery room. Back when you were just born, I knew you’d have a clear strong voice — your first cries were inklings of how strong your lungs were, and how loud your voice could be! Today, you have such a loud voice, you shout and holler whenever you can. I also remember the first time the nurse changed your diaper; you cried and cried at the strange new thing that was happening to you. Today, you love being changed, especially when you’re on your changing pad. I remember how you first cried when we gave you a bath in the tub, how strange water must have felt for you, as well as baby bath and shampoo. Today, you love the water so much, you spend a good time kicking and splashing around the tub, and always complaining when we take you out!

You’ve made so many accomplishments this month! You can now have tummy time for a straight 20 minutes, holding your head up ever so high and playing with Daddy and Mommy noisily whenever you do. You can reach for your crib toys, pillows, and rattles, gripping them tightly in your chubby little hands. You can recognize Mommy and Daddy now, smiling at us in ways that makes us weak! You also recognize your Lola, Lolo, Lola Ma and Lolo Pap, your grandparents who love you. You love playing with Ninong Kiddo, who can make you stop crying when you feel alone or sad. You put everything in your mouth now, practicing each day how to bite, which is a telltale sign of your first teeth probably appearing in the coming weeks! Teeth! Where’d the time go that you are already probably expecting your first pearly whites! Baby boy, you’re growing up so fast!

I am savoring these months when you’re still small enough to cuddle all the time. I know time will pass all too soon, and you’ll be running around all over the place. I just love to hug you, take a whiff of your baby breath, nuzzle your neck, and hold you tightly to me. I love you, Vito, and I pray God will bless you in a special way today.


Mommy 🙂