I think people expect too much of little babies.

Lately, Vito’s been dealing with people preferences. It normally kicks in during this time, at around 15-16 weeks old. He’s been more picky about who he’s with, and has come to realize that when Daddy or Mommy isn’t around, all’s not as well as he’d like it to be. Last weekend, after Daddy and Mommy jetted off for a while to buy some coffee, Vito rather lost it when we left him in the care of our relatives. It was probably the first time he ever cried that long, that hard; he probably thought we’d left him behind.

Yes, we expect too much from babies. We expect them to be OK with us, but in reality they’re frightened of the unfamiliar, they’re too small to understand the concept of family, too young to know how to trust.

Eventually, Vito will catch on. He’ll realize the people who love him and will one day let them take care of him. For now, we have to go with who he’s OK with. Like his ninong. Vito recognizes his ninong Kiddo quite well, as ninong is a regular pre-lunch time visitor:

Of course, Vito’s best friend and constant companion is Daddy, who is the BEST daddy in the world! It’s fun to see how bonded they are.

At home, Vito has been talking (or rather “a-goo-ing”) more and more. He was able to recognize his Mommy and Daddy sometime during the early part of three months, which is extremely satisfying for first-time parents. I suppose, given time, he will come to love and appreciate other familiar faces too.