This is Vito’s favorite spot: his changing pad. A gift from Ninong Kiddo and Tita Amy, this changing pad was on our baby shower wish list back in my third trimester. We received it during a baby shower, and we had no idea it would one day be Vito’s joy and delight. It’s really just a piece of firm foam covered in a non-porous, baby-friendly vinyl wrapping. We saw it in Mothercare, and knew it would be useful in our little corner nursery for Vito, which is at one side of our bedroom.

The changing pad’s placed atop Vito’s cabinet/changing table. As you can see, it’s armed with an arsenal of baby supplies, wipes, diapers, cologne, cream — the works.

Lucky Vito has even nicer furniture and cabinets than his poor Mommy and Daddy, hahaha!

See how much he loves this pad:

(At 5 weeks old, when he wasn’t so fidgety on the pad yet; at 3 months old, hyper and happy after getting immunizations; still at 3 months getting wiped down and changed, but still smiling and happy!)

We can’t leave him on the changing pad unsupervised; he goes wild with glee once he’s plunked on the thing and starts cooing and gurgling! He’s so good-natured on this pad, it makes me look forward to changing his diaper each morning, especially when he looks up at me with his twinkling eyes and let’s out a shriek of delight.  — Mommy