Vito’s been able to have lots of tummy time lately. He first started having tummy sometime in his fourth week. At the time, he could hardly lift his head up! He would get used to it though, and by the time he was about ten weeks old, he could already properly use his hands to prop himself up. However, I never did get a good picture of him in this baby milestone… until today!

(Thanks to Lola for capturing this irresistibly cute shot of tummy time!)

Taken just after he had woken up from his post-lunch nap today, while Lola was working at her computer. She suddenly heard him beckoning from the bed where he was asleep on his tummy. He’d managed to prop himself up sufficiently to let out a big yell of delight while Lola scrambled for her camera. And then he grinned at the perfect moment. Cute! (I kind of think he looks like a mix between Lolo and his daddy in this picture.)