There was a time when Vito’s cribtoys consisted of nothing but a lone stuffed toy puppy and a bottle of Canus Goat Milk Lotion. I’m serious.

It wasn’t until he was around a month old that we received (or bought) crib toys that would suit his development. The first month was rather uneventful, as was Christmas, when he received more toy gifts. At first, the gifts with all the bells and whistles didn’t get much of a reaction from Vito. He preferred the cheap: a lone red ribbon, a pinwheel made of scrap paper and straw, a makeshift mobile that was really some salvaged decoration from a baby shower for me last September.

Today, Vito’s got his fill of crib toys. At one month, we bought him a pair of “hand and foot finders” from Mothercare, which were rattles in the form of teeny-weeny mittens. He took to them quite well, and now, looks forward to them each morning when we strap them on.

He’s also got a V-tech hit-and-play “guitar” that we strapped on the side of the crib. Whenever he slaps it unintentionally with his hand, it lets out noises and blinking lights. We know he’s busy minding this contraption whenever we hear ecstatic yells from the crib. (Thanks to Tadz and “Tito” Barry!)

The most recent addition is a Chicco musical cat, given by Lolo and Lola. It plays the melody of “Brian’s Song,” and has been very effective in lulling Vito to sleep, especially when he’s a bit cranky to put to bed. Today, he learned that kitty wasn’t only good for music — the tempting red handle was kind of tasty, too.

We’re enjoying his fascination at these little additions to his crib. But the real entertainment is when we see his toothless grins and hear each delightful shriek of sheer joy when he’s at play. Now that’s music to our ears.