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This is Vito’s favorite spot: his changing pad. A gift from Ninong Kiddo and Tita Amy, this changing pad was on our baby shower wish list back in my third trimester. We received it during a baby shower, and we had no idea it would one day be Vito’s joy and delight. It’s really just a piece of firm foam covered in a non-porous, baby-friendly vinyl wrapping. We saw it in Mothercare, and knew it would be useful in our little corner nursery for Vito, which is at one side of our bedroom.

The changing pad’s placed atop Vito’s cabinet/changing table. As you can see, it’s armed with an arsenal of baby supplies, wipes, diapers, cologne, cream — the works.

Lucky Vito has even nicer furniture and cabinets than his poor Mommy and Daddy, hahaha!

See how much he loves this pad:

(At 5 weeks old, when he wasn’t so fidgety on the pad yet; at 3 months old, hyper and happy after getting immunizations; still at 3 months getting wiped down and changed, but still smiling and happy!)

We can’t leave him on the changing pad unsupervised; he goes wild with glee once he’s plunked on the thing and starts cooing and gurgling! He’s so good-natured on this pad, it makes me look forward to changing his diaper each morning, especially when he looks up at me with his twinkling eyes and let’s out a shriek of delight.  — Mommy


Vito’s been able to have lots of tummy time lately. He first started having tummy sometime in his fourth week. At the time, he could hardly lift his head up! He would get used to it though, and by the time he was about ten weeks old, he could already properly use his hands to prop himself up. However, I never did get a good picture of him in this baby milestone… until today!

(Thanks to Lola for capturing this irresistibly cute shot of tummy time!)

Taken just after he had woken up from his post-lunch nap today, while Lola was working at her computer. She suddenly heard him beckoning from the bed where he was asleep on his tummy. He’d managed to prop himself up sufficiently to let out a big yell of delight while Lola scrambled for her camera. And then he grinned at the perfect moment. Cute! (I kind of think he looks like a mix between Lolo and his daddy in this picture.)

It was the first time Vito went to Mass at Mommy’s community, Elim. We were there with many of Mommy and Daddy’s friends too! Everyone was so happy to see Vito there, and he tried to stay awake as much as he could! After Mass, he finally dozed off just after a feeding so that Mommy and Daddy could escape for lunch out with old friends. Good baby!

There was a time when Vito’s cribtoys consisted of nothing but a lone stuffed toy puppy and a bottle of Canus Goat Milk Lotion. I’m serious.

It wasn’t until he was around a month old that we received (or bought) crib toys that would suit his development. The first month was rather uneventful, as was Christmas, when he received more toy gifts. At first, the gifts with all the bells and whistles didn’t get much of a reaction from Vito. He preferred the cheap: a lone red ribbon, a pinwheel made of scrap paper and straw, a makeshift mobile that was really some salvaged decoration from a baby shower for me last September.

Today, Vito’s got his fill of crib toys. At one month, we bought him a pair of “hand and foot finders” from Mothercare, which were rattles in the form of teeny-weeny mittens. He took to them quite well, and now, looks forward to them each morning when we strap them on.

He’s also got a V-tech hit-and-play “guitar” that we strapped on the side of the crib. Whenever he slaps it unintentionally with his hand, it lets out noises and blinking lights. We know he’s busy minding this contraption whenever we hear ecstatic yells from the crib. (Thanks to Tadz and “Tito” Barry!)

The most recent addition is a Chicco musical cat, given by Lolo and Lola. It plays the melody of “Brian’s Song,” and has been very effective in lulling Vito to sleep, especially when he’s a bit cranky to put to bed. Today, he learned that kitty wasn’t only good for music — the tempting red handle was kind of tasty, too.

We’re enjoying his fascination at these little additions to his crib. But the real entertainment is when we see his toothless grins and hear each delightful shriek of sheer joy when he’s at play. Now that’s music to our ears.

Dear Vito,

It always amuses me how you roll about and squeal in delight when you wake up in the morning. I look forward to watching your eyes botch open,

and seeing that toothless grin cross your face. You have the funniest eyes in the morning, with little baggies under them – just like mommy, hahaha!



Dear Vito,

Happy 3rd month birthday, baby!

I can’t believe you’re already at this point. I remember when you were three months inside me, many months ago. I remember going into the ultrasound room, excited to see you for the first time. When I first saw you, it was just the doctor and I in the room. My eyes filled with tears when I saw the little tadpole-like image on the black and white screen. That little thing was you! Daddy and I were so elated; it was hard to believe you were really there, already ours, already our little baby.

Your third month (Jan 8 – Feb 8 )

9 weeks:

  • Your  neck is so strong, you can hold it up for much longer than you ever did. How you love to be walked and marched around facing front, taking in all the things around you.
  • You took your first “road trip” out of town to Subic with Mommy, Daddy, and Lolo Pop and Lola Ma. We went to your Tito Redd’s wedding, and wasn’t it a nice thing to get out of Manila for a while? I remember you didn’t like the car seat much, but still, you behaved the whole time you were in it. Good boy!
  • You’ve learned how to shout! Isn’t it nice to let out a long “ohhhh”? You do it so well!

10 weeks:

  • You are kicking ever so much more, that you turn yourself around on the bed!
  • Lola Nelle played “peek-a-boo” with you, which you love. Now, whenever we play it, you squeal with delight.

11 weeks:

  • You’re still making more and more sounds than ever, and are so chatty! You definitely are a social baby.
  • Also, you’re taking to other company well; now Mommy and Daddy can go on dates because you are able to stay with your grandparents when you need to. Thanks for letting Mommy and Daddy have some alone time. 🙂

12 weeks:

  • This week, you discovered how to push your body up with your feet while Daddy is holding you. You love to look over Daddy’s shoulder when you’re being carried, but lately you’ve discovered your legs – when propped on Daddy’s chest – can take you to a whole new level and view. How excited you are to discover this that you let out a loud shout whenever you prop yourself up!
  • You love watching your cousin, Kuya Markus, play, and make loud noises when he tries to impress you. You’re also able to sleep better through the night.

So many things are happening, changing, baby. And you’re growing faster sometimes than I can keep track of. For all of these, I am grateful. I love you, Vito baby. Happy birthday to you!

How old is Vito?


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